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Keynote Session

Harness Resilience and Take Control to Engage, Lead & Succeed

With Mariana Atencio

We are all dealing with uncertainty. Being nimble, adapting and reinventing ourselves have become crucial strategies for survival. After studying resilience for more than a decade as a journalist, Mariana Atencio developed a winning formula and turned it into a proven structure to overcome any challenge.

In this keynote presentation, Atencio will provide attendees with action items to reclaim their power, lessen their fear of failure, and become more productive and motivated. Her toolbox includes “The Control Framework,” focusing on clarity, outlook, networking, time, ritual, order, and love; “The Perfectly You Method,” to recognize strengths and challenges — and flip the “cons” into competitive advantages; “The Imposter Syndrome Test,” and much more. Attendees will take away real, actionable methods to gain control, tap into their power, and increase happiness.

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